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Adbaazar is a global marketing platform that specializes in mobile customer acquisition. With our performance and programmatic technology, we help many top brands from the App Store and Google Play Store monetize their traffic and gain a positive return on their ad spend.

  • Quality Assurance
  • High quality traffic and Volume
  • Quick & Easy Integrations
  • Pay on Performance only CPC/CPI/CPA/CPS/CPL/CPV
  • KPI Optimizations
  • Pixel Tracking & API

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Targeting Features

Placement Targeting

Geo Targeting

Device Targeting

Ad Scheduling

Geo/Location Targeting

Ad Format

IP Range Targeting

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Mobile Carrier Targeting

Operating System Targeting

Our Offerings

Adbaazar is committed to create high awareness and engagement for your brand with our affiliate partners in a cost effective manner. Our high-quality affiliate network and extensive publisher reach help us engage with the right customers..

  • App install campaigns to expand mobile reach
  • Targeted video content to build and drive awareness
  • Contextual ads - In-screen, in-image, mobile and in-margin ads
  • Personalised emails to increase web traffic and acquire leads.
  • Web placement ads for targeting segmented audiences

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Advertising Model Cost Matrix

Supported Ad Formats

  • Display

    Directly access the highest quality media inventory on the web and increase page views and time spent on your site.

  • Video

    Have an experienced, dedicated team ready to help you scale your online and mobile video efforts.

  • Email

    Access easy-to-use email marketing solutions packed with powerful features ready to serve your business.

display advertising
mobile advertising
video advertising
native advertising
email serving platform
search advertising
  • Mobile

    Get your app in front of target audiences. Access all forms of mobile advertising � from banner to interstitial to popups.

  • Native

    Drive traffic to your article, with mobile-optimized content. Reach engaged audiences via flexible PPC model.

  • Search

    Gain access to our premium partners and work with search, domain parking, in-text and contextual ad networks.


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