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PERFORMANCE-BASED ADVERTISING Acquire users from across the globe
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  • Pay on Performance only CPC/CPI/CPA/CPS/CPL/CPV
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Get The Best Value For Your traffic and Boost your revenue with Adbaazar and get guaranteed unmatched eCPMs.
  • Higher eCPMs
  • Faster and Flexible Payment Term
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  • Smart Tracking Mediation
  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • World-Class Support
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Click Spamming

When a traffic source generates fake clicks programmatically when an ad is rendered

Targeting Mismatches

Geography, platforms & OS versions.

Conversion Rates

High ratios of clicks-to-installs and installs-to-opens by a traffic source.

Proxies & VPNs

When a user bypasses filtering and targeting systems.

IP & Device

Allows us to track click usages over time identifying the ones driving large volumes.

Ad Stacking

When a traffic source places multiple ads on top of each other but only the top ad is visible.

Attribution Time

Short or long periods of time in which a click converts to an install.

App-Specific Events

When exactly a source completes certain levels of information in an app.

About us

Adbaazar mission is to fuel mobile advertisers growth by connecting their products to the right audience globally through technology, data, and services. Our efforts are focused towards empowering mobile app advertisers to take control of every stage of the app advertising lifecycle. We believe that through relentless innovation, we can bring value to all our stakeholders. We do this by building great products and hiring exceptional talent. We are entrepreneurial-minded and like to bring our own ideas to life.

We help you monetize your audience through direct connections with more than 500 direct campaigns from the World’s largest advertisers. We pay out CPMs above market standard and our large direct advertiser reach provides you with a globally competitive fill rate. Through our direct advertiser relationships and superior technology, we’re able to drive significant incremental revenue for publishers.

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